We air out of CJSF.ca, 90.1 fm ~ 5-6 pm Fridays

We’re looking forward to having you on the show! The following information will help you prepare and feel comfortable during the airing.


Show & Tell…

We request that our guests provide 2-3 show & tell items: what inspires you; pictures communicate more than words (we tweet visual items so that listeners can access them live); a video/audio clip; a song reflecting your passion; a poem; a representative THING – anything that helps us connect more deeply with your essence, what you do or what inspires you. Make it meaningful and not onerous. Have fun with it! (We’d love you to email them to us ahead of time, too!)

As well, to provide us and you with an opportunity to breathe and check-in during the show, we’d love you to choose 2 songs that you love and would like to share with our listeners.  Just bring the artists and the titles, we’ll grab them from Youtube.


On Friday…

We usually get together in the Starbucks on the SFU Burnaby campus at about 4:00. We head over to the studio to get settled at 4:30. We’d be delighted to have you join us at 4:00 or you can drop by at 4:30 and head over with us. Unless you are familiar with the campus, leave time to get lost – and found!

Directions to CJSF on the SFU Campus:

Into Campus

A zoom in:

zoom in-01

The CJSF office is located on the 2nd floor of the Transportation Centre, which is built overtop of Gagliardi Way.  To access parking take the ramp present to the right as you travel under the building, or take a left just beyond the bus stops and enter the second visitor’s parking area that is located to the left of the building as indicated above.  Parking is paid for by credit card or coins at a meter inside the parking lots.

Starbucks is located on the 3rd floor and accessed from the same flight of stairs that go up in between the two roads underneath the Transportation Centre (the building CJSF is located in on the map).  We know this is tricky, we hope this map will make it easier!  Keep our numbers handy if you have difficulty!

Please make sure Rebecca has your phone number. We’ll call at 4:50 to make sure we can get you on the line. Then we’ll call again at 1 minute to five o’clock and put you on hold while we do the intro. You will be able to hear us and we’ll invite you into the conversation at the right time. Easy! If we should lose you for any reason, we will go to an ad and reconnect.


We will send you a flyer for you to pass around wherever you would like. All promo is good! :-) We will post it on FB, Twitter and Google+ The flyer describes the show and has links to find the web site for live streaming and archives.



The show begins with an intro between Rebecca and Lucca explaining how we know you and why we invited you to be a guest. We will invite you to tell the listeners a little about your passion. It will be a free-flowing conversation and we ask lots of questions, and there is no need to worry about getting anything ‘right’ or having a lot of information prepared to share. We’ll take the lead! Close to the end of the show, we’ll invite you to share who you’d love to hear from and how to reach you, as well as anything you have coming up – time for flagrant self-promotion!