Rochelle is a 78 year old metal sculptor who began her journey as an artist in her 50’s – self-taught, and working with recycled and discarded materials.  Her perspective on life as encapsulated in this image which went viral (see below right) is what led us to her, and what a delight to have found her!  Her art is fascinating and so is her soul.  We welcome you to learn from her life’s experience and tap into the verve that she so unabashedly demonstrates!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Rochelle rejected early on the adage of the “starving artist”, and chose not to live that out.  Makes me wonder what we could all choose freedom from!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Rochelle carries the wonderous qualities of kindergarten into retirement and in so-doing gives it back to all of us through her sculpture.

Connect with Rochelle:

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