Jane is a bold voice going where few voices have gone before:  to speak openly about sexual health, especially masturbation and sexual activity during senior years.  Her gentle yet matter-of-fact approach to discussing what makes most people squirm invites all of us into greater self-awareness; demystifies what may have been taboo; makes pleasure a joyful and acceptable pursuit for every body and every age.  Jane welcomes contact from older women who are experiencing sexual revival or a new awareness of their sexuality! She would love to hear your stories.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Jane makes me feel like I can say anything that is true for me, because SHE speaks her truth!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Jane has a passion that has her standing out in the open to share what many of us only wish we could be comfortable sharing. She wishes for us to be comfortable with our sexuality and feel free to explore it and play in it to our hearts’ and bodies’ content, all the while improving our own health. It’s a big calling and she is a big soul to step into it with such determination, compassion, courage and humour.

Connect with Jane:

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