Jonny Enoch is the founder of, a website dedicated to exploring hyperspace and the hidden mysteries of our universe. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist, author, and UFO researcher. In his spare time he advocates for open learning for all, and is currently the Vice President for an exciting new education-by-donation platform known as Omniversity. This online university will be launched later this year and was developed in Germany. Jonny resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Having specialized in addictions studies, computer science, and alternative healing, he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Not only has he been researching metaphysics and extraterrestrial phenomena for over 15 years, but his search for answers has expanded into cosmology, the dimensional ecology, sacred geometry, and natural healing. Currently he is writing a book on ancient consciousness technologies and new ways to make ET contact.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Jonny’s photographic memory has turned him into a walking library – combined with his insatiable curiosity, he is someone whose thoughts and ideas we could only skim the surface of!

Connect with Jonny:

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2 comments on “Episode 39 – Jonny Enoch, Extraterrestrial Researcher

  1. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy listening to your show on CJSF and I really loved this episode!! Too bad you ran out of time so soon but it was definitely exciting listening to a group of open minded people on exploring the universe and the consciousness on the air! Really appreciate what you are doing :)

    love and unity <3

    • Thank you Iren! Jonny was a fascinating guest, we truly enjoyed his presence in the studio! What an amazing mind!

      We’re thrilled to know you’re listening regularly and enjoy the show! Thanks so much for letting us know :)

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