Janet is an ex-CBC broadcaster and is currently a corporate communications specialist living and working in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada. During International Radio Week, we tip our cap to born radio folk like Janet who love to be behind the mic. We are delighted to explore the myriad ways in which she is constantly researching, learning, discovering and broadening her horizons, locally and overseas. In particular, we ask about her El Camino walk across Spain several summers ago and juxtapose that with her foray into the world of laying hens, including the challenge of keeping them alive in the great, white north during the Yukon winter. Join us for a most eclectic conversation that is sure to stimulate and amuse.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Janet’s love of life expresses itself through her deliberate engagement of all the senses.  Such a colourful and delightful soul!


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One comment on “Episode 37 – Janet Patterson, Adventurer

  1. Gary C Patterson Feb 23, 2015

    I may be a bit singular in my opinion as Janet is my sister, but I think she is pretty special and I enjoyed the interview so much. As well as I know her, I learned a little bit she didn’t share before. So proud of her.

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