Eryn is a soul-shepherd whose passion for fostering spiritual growth led her to found an Urban Tribe in Denver to address the needs of those who were not interested in organized religion yet still had a yearning for connection and spiritual experience.  She delves into its history and evolution with us and explores what her next creations may be in the next phase of her life and spiritual shepherding.  We dig in to how Eryn’s very nature and background have created the very opportunity and essence for the spiritual creations she engages in.  

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Eryn has a grandness of vision and audacity to simply create what she desires to have as a support in her life.  Her creations open the doors for a flood of healing and connecting within the community!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

As with many modern change-makers, Eryn changes the world to meet her own needs first and then others follow her, for the joy of it as well as to meet their own needs.

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