Allan Knight is truly a unique coach, speaker and trainer. For over 25 years, he has helped others transform their lives, both professionally and personally. Years ago, Allan’s vision of the future predicted that more and more people would be operating their own businesses. He understood that many of these people would need to strengthen their communication and personal development skills to ensure their success. He gets things done and pushes for action to compliment theory and his personal and professional life is a continuous testament to this. Join us to find out more about Allan’s passion, including how nine years a monk formed the foundation for what would follow.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Discovering the guiding themes of Allan’s life and desired contributions to the world was fascinating.  Everything is tied together just beyond our sight!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Allan gives us a peek at the man behind his next book called ‘A Knight Without Armour’. We met with the love-filled man revealing his chivalrous self after years of self-discovery.

Connect with Allan:

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