Devon tells true stories on video. He believes that ideas can and do change the world, and that storytelling is how those ideas spread. He tells stories he cares about, stories that matter, and he tells them in a way makes people want to hear more. His company, Storybubble Media, is built around finding these stories, and then finding the people who want to hear them. He takes great satisfaction in helping ideas spread in this way.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Devon dances between two contrasts – the body and the mind. It is the nature of the differences that seem to provide the creative tension that motivates him in the different spheres

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Devon recounts that he had a moment of touching God when he attended a social dance weekend. It was the first time that his very able mind stopped trying to control his body and joined it. It was the biggest lesson of his life so far, when he discovered that there is an arrogance to explanations. Allowing and trusting his body let him to move into a listening role where he was able to appreciate that the power in leading is in listening.

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