Lucca Hallex is a Wise Woman whose experiences have taken her around the world and beyond. Gifted with a sight beyond sight, Lucca inspires and nurtures individuals and groups with her own special brand of coaching, counselling, facilitation, and consulting. She delights in being a guide through what she calls “edge territory”, where our personal “dragons” lay. Lucca is helping to usher in a future in which we stand more fully in our greatest selves… as a power sourcerer.  On this episode Rebecca explores Lucca’s background and experiences, revealing more about this intriguing host of Essencetial Conversations!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Lucca is unabashedly herself, but for the rest of us to truly understand what we are looking at when we see her, we need to take time to slow down, get quiet, and listen.  And this is also the gift she is so good at helping each one of us to do for ourselves!

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