Coco has an extensive background in Yoga practice and teaching. Her approach is simple, clear, powerful, profound and playful. Her exploration and inquiry of Yoga and somatic work reveal that she embraces and reveres the beauty of skill, refinement and growth of all the layers of the body. On and off her mat, Coco researches and plays with strength, art, nature, people, food, spiritual food, resilience, hope, faith and love… A woman, a yogini, a bodyworker, a sister, a friend, a mother… She has an abundance of work all around and delights in its presence.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Coco’s zest for life is utterly contagious!  She reminds me of the Japanese pottery practice of mending broken pots with gold… her depth and beauty of spirit is stunning.

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Coco reflects that at a point in her career, she began to feel the call across disciplines. She clearly reflects this as she has integrated the violin, singing, yoga and her continual search for meaning as she strives to make the ordinary extraordinary every day.

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