For a decade, Diane worked for large ad agencies as a writer and broadcast producer honing her creative skills of writing and producing communications campaigns for print, radio, video, television, transit, direct mail and promotion. Later, as a Creative Director, she wrote and marketed television programs centred around the environment, alternative health and metaphysics that aired in California, New York and Canada. In the last twenty-five years, Diane has been the owner and Creative Director of her award-winning company Creative Wonders Communications where she works directly with clients to help them grow their companies through integrated creative communications.

Recently, Diane became a Reverend through CIMM (Centre for International Metaphysical Ministries) with a focus on the teaching of A Course in Miracles. Diane has offered spiritual study groups on the course for over 25 years. She will launch her first book this Fall entitled: Turn Your World Upside Down to Get Your Life Right Side Up: Reverse Thinking Based On A Course in Miracles. Then she will launch six online courses based on the book.

Today she offers spiritual counselling, officiates ceremonies, teaches and speaks on helping people access their higher essence and their true creative nature to empower their lives. Her courses help people to choose love over fear in their relationships, careers, family and in the world. Diane’s heart’s desire is to become a spiritual thought leader and a lighthouse to the world.

Lucca and Rebecca take some time to discuss the evolution of Diane’s life and work. Listen in to learn about A Course in Miracles and Creative Wonders Communications!

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