Tomas Halberstad is head of Communications for Phonebloks, an innovative group that is striving to radically alter the way the world produces and consumes electronics. Tomas describes himself as a musician, Arsenal-fan, philosophy-student, sneaker-freak, (injured) runner, in-breaker of raw denim, insurance claims agent and beer connoisseur… perhaps we should also add “world changer” to that list!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Being willing to align oneself with the causes that make our heart beat faster can open the doors to incredible movement in both personal and community life!  Tomas’ essence shows through in all he does, and this project is simply fascinating!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Collecting ‘one big community’ of more than 42,000 people is just a by-product of their collaboration efforts. Tomas’s philosophy is about the ‘questioning of everything’ and the distillation of knowledge from data.

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Connect with Tomas:

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