Maria’s main offering to the world right now is authenticity. To live with integrity allows us to release that which may preventing us from fully being our best. Move with ease….move from your core. Restorative. Rebalance. Rehydrate.

Lucca and Rebecca discover what sacral therapy is, how Maria was led to it through her rich and vibrant upbringing and history in science and first nations traditions, and what Maria is creating next!


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2 comments on “Episode 137 – Maria Vlasopolous, Sacred Sacral

  1. Ramona Orr Oct 11, 2017

    I would love to book a session with you. Just listened to your show with Lucca.

    • Isn’t she awesome Ramona! I believe Lucca has helped you get in touch with Maria. Please let me know if you still need to be connected!

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