Obediya Jones-Darrell is a fellow producer at CJSF in Burnaby, and has caused quite a stir with his throwback radio drama series’.  What started as a curiosity and desire to try something old and make it new has turned into something far bigger than Obediya anticipated, and is spreading its influence across Canada!  He founded Sound Body Culture, a creative arts movement. Through SBC Obediya has produced a portfolio of Dance Films, Graphic Novels, Books, Plays, & Live performance production. This organization is a creative force that changes lives through art!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Obediya’s love of art and depth and sincere openness to connection have opened doors, revived a genre, and garnered attention!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Obediya is a true creative synergizer of the modern era with a penchant for local and global community.

Connect with Obediya:

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