Steve joins us to talk about passive housing, clanship communities, co-housing, sunroof gardens, spirituality, family and so much more. This is following on from the conversation we had with his son, Shaun, earlier this month but with his own twist.  Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation has been in development for the past 17 years. Steve, Shaun and their team have tackled many challenging and exciting projects for the last three, the latest of which is to build one of the first certified passive houses in Vancouver.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

“Steve is passionately motivated by connection and purpose.  His mind is quick and his hands are ready, but more than that – his heart is open.”

Connect with Steven:

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Sean is currently developing a sustainable housing company and plans to manufacture E-HABS, the most energy-efficient, healthy, affordable, beautiful & sustainable homes to meet tomorrow’s standards. Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation has been in development for the past 17 years. His dad and their team have tackled many challenging and exciting projects for the last three, the latest of which is to build one of the first certified passive houses in Vancouver. We welcome his entrepreneurial spirit to the show.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Shaun’s clarity of purpose and passion for his work is fantastic.  Such great energy – imagine living in a home designed and built by his team – it would be infused with such uplifting goodness!  …and boy, does this guy know his stuff.

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Shaun’s hallmark is that he’s walking his talk, trying to make his world sustainable and collaborative/co-operative while meeting people’s needs for affordable, practical housing that is designed to endure.

Connect with Shaun:

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Born and raised in Vancouver, Nicole received her BAA in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. During an internship in London with Vivienne Westwood, Nicole learned the art of sculpting, draping and layering fabric. It was here that she began to realize that her talent for fashion design could also be used as a vehicle for positive social change.  A mother and social entrepreneur, Nicole strives to make positive contributions to her community and environment through the products she creates and the people she connects with. She is fuelled by a desire to create clothes that make all women feel beautiful and unique.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Nicole seems to have managed to avoid taking on the stories and beliefs that limit many of us from being and doing what we most crave to do.  I feel completely inspired after seeing the world through her eyes for an hour!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Nicole sews a little cotton label into every garment that says ‘I am love’. She says it helps her to remember that this is her true essence. “What if,” she says, “true essence is a pure place of spirit – we are the shells as vessels for spirit, and that we align as we walk this path?”

Connect with Nicole:

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Cory is committed to raising global consciousness by transforming the way entrepreneurs relate to themselves, each other and their communities. Experience has taught her that true success for any business is based on the triple gems of collaboration, connection and contribution.  This revolutionary paradigm has given her an edge in helping entrepreneurs monetize their businesses, master marketing, attract tons of clients, create inspiring brands and launch killer products, all while benefiting their communities.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Cory’s questions always seem to turn my world sideways.  She makes me crave – and access – FUN!

 Connect with Cory:

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Katarina is passionate about youth, creativity of all sorts, healing, and community. She is a life-long learner and invites collaboration at every turn, inspiring creative thought and experience that enriches the lives of all who meet her. A perfect example is one of her latest projects, and she has many, creating a replicable model that allows youth groups, schools, community organizations and Operation Sock Monkey to use sock monkey therapy to create healing opportunities and to teach business skills, business planning and mind-mapping, essential life skills and the power of entrepreneurship through a project-based learning model. Whew! Listen in to hear more.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Kat’s such a dynamo!  The movement is constant and constantly developing.  She just oozes energy and creativity!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

The way in which Kat combines creative being and community into LIFE. The way she lives is her therapy and her life and creative contribution is therapy for the people with whom she creates community. This is living evidence of the value of artists in our midst and the artist in each of us.

Connect with Katarina:

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Madeleine always knew she would run a business, and it was only a matter of time before she aligned her entrepreneurial bent with a mission that made her come alive!  Her goal is to help individuals have healthier and more positive experiences of their menstrual cycles, and by extension, their bodies overall. Lunapads’ mission is to create more positive and informed relationships between menstruators, their bodies and the Earth. They embrace a global perspective, in terms of wellbeing and empowerment for women and girls, as well as toward our responsibility with respect to sustainability.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Madeleine knows herself so well, and took the time to create the structure that would support her as she went about bringing her vision through to reality.  Fascinating!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Madeleine has a grand sense of community.  She cultivates body positivity and self-acceptance.

Connect with Madeleine:

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Trisha Baptie is an advocate for the abolition of prostitution. Her unique experience is often sought out to inform and educate groups from teenagers through to Parliamentarians on the topic. We speak with Trisha about what it is like to be her: to have one’s life so wholly given over to one’s cause.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Learning how Trisha finds and defines the line she draws for being open with her story and what needs to remain private; her “extravagant hope”

Lucca’s Take-Away:

When she was a sextrade worker, everyone knew that when she was in the bar at news time, the tv would be on and she would be watching for 20 mins before she returned to work – she’s always learning and aware.

Connect with Trisha:

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With a background in astro-physics and a keen desire to shift the way we “do” education, David was brought on board to help craft Quest University into being nine years ago.  He has been instrumental in developing and leading the expression of the original vision of Quest, as they seek to explore learning from the roots of knowledge and provide an alternate for students who truly seek to invest in an education rather than purchase a diploma.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Exploring the very nature of exploration leads us to the most fascinating of questions – which opens the door to possibility!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

David is searching for a new answer to the question: What is knowledge? As a scientist and a humanist, he desires to rekindle the 5-yr-old’s curiosity to create a living/learning environment that respects how finite and precious the planet is.

Connect with Quest University:

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Jane is a bold voice going where few voices have gone before:  to speak openly about sexual health, especially masturbation and sexual activity during senior years.  Her gentle yet matter-of-fact approach to discussing what makes most people squirm invites all of us into greater self-awareness; demystifies what may have been taboo; makes pleasure a joyful and acceptable pursuit for every body and every age.  Jane welcomes contact from older women who are experiencing sexual revival or a new awareness of their sexuality! She would love to hear your stories.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Jane makes me feel like I can say anything that is true for me, because SHE speaks her truth!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Jane has a passion that has her standing out in the open to share what many of us only wish we could be comfortable sharing. She wishes for us to be comfortable with our sexuality and feel free to explore it and play in it to our hearts’ and bodies’ content, all the while improving our own health. It’s a big calling and she is a big soul to step into it with such determination, compassion, courage and humour.

Connect with Jane:

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Eryn is a soul-shepherd whose passion for fostering spiritual growth led her to found an Urban Tribe in Denver to address the needs of those who were not interested in organized religion yet still had a yearning for connection and spiritual experience.  She delves into its history and evolution with us and explores what her next creations may be in the next phase of her life and spiritual shepherding.  We dig in to how Eryn’s very nature and background have created the very opportunity and essence for the spiritual creations she engages in.  

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Eryn has a grandness of vision and audacity to simply create what she desires to have as a support in her life.  Her creations open the doors for a flood of healing and connecting within the community!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

As with many modern change-makers, Eryn changes the world to meet her own needs first and then others follow her, for the joy of it as well as to meet their own needs.

Connect with Eryn:

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