Unicef estimates that 80% of the schools in the Dhading district of Nepal collapsed in the earth quake last year. Our guests Lisa and Jason are part of a grassroots movement to help re-build those schools. No corporations, just a team of people helping Nepalese friends to rebuild the school in their remote mountain village.

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Portia Sam breathes ‘social justice’ and ‘social enterprise’. Not content to merely support it, she is doing something about it . She founded Women Working with Women in 2009, with a mission to train women for the job market within social justice setting. She created and runs the social enterprise, Miscellany Finds, which gets it’s funding from the sale of donated clothing and household items. Join us to hear Portia’s story and be prepared to be inspired by her heart!

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Kobi Yamada is the author of the kids’/humans’ book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” He has LOTS of ideas and takes action on them, as is evidenced by the string of awards he and his publishing and gift company, Compendium, have received. Outside of business he is a busy philanthropist and has fun with his family. They live in Seattle, Washington.

Join Lucca and Rebecca as they explore Kobi’s influences and inspirations, past and present!

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Kaare Long has served Vancouver’s arts community and entrepreneurial sector since 2003, where she specializes in Public Relations, launching creative, innovative and ‘out of the box’ online campaigns, and building engaged and effective social media communities for small businesses.

Kaare’s driving force is her strong sense of community support for each and every project she undertakes. By connecting and networking people, Kaare, CEO at aCue Creative Consulting, and the team, strive for the highest level of collective teamwork within the Vancouver community.

Lucca and Rebecca explore what it is about Kaare’s past and experiences that brings her to say HI! to strangers!

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Project Positive Change is a global community of change-makers, each with their own genuine desire to create positive change and make the world a better place.

Leigh and her community are committed to making each person’s change mission a little bit easier by providing them with access to a unique online portal packed with: shared resources for marketing and cross-promotion; a curated curriculum and; a global community of change-makers seeking connection. Collaboration is the key word!

Lucca and Rebecca talk to Leigh about what it is about her that  got her here and her dreams that are coming for fruition.

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Connor is first and foremost a Leader – he firmly believes that in order to achieve excellence in what you do, you must be effective at helping others achieve excellence in what they do. Connor is a classically trained musician who was fortunate enough to sing Opera all over the world. He has since worked with international leaders to help develop their presentation skills, presence and ability to influence and inspire the people around them.
He is the also the Founder of ManTalks which is a event and online resource for Men who are looking to be better husbands, fathers and leaders in the world. ManTalks does this by bringing in powerful speakers who share openly and vulnerably about their life’s journey and creates an exceptional community for men to thrive.
We speak with Connor about how his unusual life experiences have brought him to where he is today, and what he imagines might happen in the future!
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Philip Be’er is an educator and writer based in B.C. Canada who is known for his development of Behavioural Loop (B-Loop) Theory. He has been on a lifelong quest to understand the roots of family (and societal) dysfunction and to identify the most effective way to enable widespread healing. We speak with Philip about his background in engineering, his life in Israel, his journey, and how it has all combined to place him where he is today, facilitating healing and growth for many. Keep an eye out for his book, The Game Changer!

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