Thomas has called the Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood home for my entire life. Participating in the rhythms, seasons, programs, and pursuits of the Grandview Calvary Baptist Church has been a significant part of his life. The church’s engagement in the neighbourhood and pursuit of justice both here and throughout the world, has helped cultivate within him a commitment to these as well. Another shaping influence on his life has been the experience of growing up in community houses, living with more than 40 different people over the course of my life. Many really good initiatives have developed out of a non profit organization birthed out of Grandview Calvary, named Salsbury Community Society. After being closely connected to this organization for many years, In 2014 Thomas joined the Salsbury Board, spending the last year and a half as chair. Their focus is currently on providing affordable housing and encouraging, supporting and facilitating community in their neighbourhood.

Allison is a Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educator, teaching menstruators everywhere to balance hormones naturally for pregnancy planning, natural birth control, and improved hormonal health.

As a sex educator for over 13 years, with a Masters in Sex Education and a certified Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, she strives for a world where women and girls have knowledge of body literacy and are able to make truly informed and empowered decisions about sex, contraception, and child-bearing.

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Kelly is currently writing a book about a phenomenon she calls “The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand” Spoiler Alert: She’s not a fan! Kelly feels this lifestyle brand is both a marketing narrative meant to move products and it’s bigger than that too. “It’s yet another oppressive ideology constraining women’s lives – and this time, it’s not being invented by the suits on Madison Avenue. Now it’s being deployed by the women entrepreneurs we most admire, trust and hire. And surely we deserve better and can do better than that.”

We love digging into a juicy topic, looking forward to today’s show!

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Barb is the founder and visionary behind Sprouting Chefs, a school garden program for youth. She has overseen the creation and build of the first edible school garden Forest Grove Elementary in Burnaby, BC in 2011. Being a groundbreaker in the community of North Burnaby, she has seen the transformation of how building an edible school garden can bring a community together in a healthy holistic way.

Her mission and vision is to create space and programs where children feel connected to the earth and each other, work in harmony with nature and eat the fruits of their labours. She offers the world a way to connect with community and children through her garden programs. Gardens become platforms for conversations about how to “Be” in the world: Patience, Compassion, Trust, Forgiveness and Love as just a few virtues she teaches.

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“It is my intention through the Conscious Service Approach to offer a source of inspiration, information, and tools to assist helping professionals to transform their practise into on that not only results in high quality service, but is also an expression of their soul.”  Elizabeth Bishop is the creator of the Conscious Service Approach designed to support helping professionals to reconnect with and fulfil their desire to make a difference in the lives of those they support.

Elizabeth’s passion and innate curiosity with people and connection is carried through all areas of her life, not just her work. She spends her spare time on personal and spiritual development and enjoys visioning and dreaming for the future alongside her grandson!

What a gift that is right, creating big visions and dreams for the future with your grandson! We can’t wait to learn more about this, how about you?

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Shayna Plaut is obsessed with how people respresent themselves – especially people who do not fit in well with the traditional “nation-state” model. She has the unshakable belief that realities can be challenged and power changed by the pen, the brush and the lens. Her academic work focuses on how Romani (Gypsy) and Saami (the Indigenous peoples in the Nordic Artic) journalists teach their own how to be journalists – and what we can learn as we try and develop better reporting on human rights.

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World Peace, Inner Peace, Cocktails and Yoga. Some might say Tara Leduc is an irreverant yoga teacher but she’s quite sure that being kinder to yourself creates inner peace; inner peace leads to world peace and sometimes inner peace comes in the form of margaritas and Prosecco. This lady is on a mission, join us to find out what keeps her inspired and motivated!

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Sharon DeLalla is the Executive Director of the Talitha Koum Society and has been with the society since 2014. Sharon believes that every woman should have the opportunity to live a safe and fulfilling life unencumbered by the decisions of their past. She joins us in this episode to share her passion about bringing healing, hope and opportunity to the women of Talitha Koum Society.

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