Roger Nairn is an Account Director at DDB Canada where he is responsible for driving business success for his clients and leading accounts out of DDB’s Vancouver office. With 8 years of traditional and digital advertising experience in consumer and B2B markets, Roger has led internationally award winning client programs across a range of categories including entertainment, consumer packaged goods, education, and non-profit. Roger has worked with companies such as Netflix, BC Lottery Corporation, the Government of British Columbia, UBC, the BC Egg Marketing Board and the Vancouver Police Foundation.

Roger is also the Brand Manager for, which creates online content and events to help the modern man evolve through authenticity, community, purpose & accountability.

Roger calls himself “recklessly curious” — an absolutely enticing description for Lucca and Rebecca to explore!

The Take-Away:  

Roger’s bright spirit and openness transform his interactions with brands and corporations into conversations about essence and impact.  A fascinating guy with a bold approach to life and engagement!

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Janet is an ex-CBC broadcaster and is currently a corporate communications specialist living and working in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada. During International Radio Week, we tip our cap to born radio folk like Janet who love to be behind the mic. We are delighted to explore the myriad ways in which she is constantly researching, learning, discovering and broadening her horizons, locally and overseas. In particular, we ask about her El Camino walk across Spain several summers ago and juxtapose that with her foray into the world of laying hens, including the challenge of keeping them alive in the great, white north during the Yukon winter. Join us for a most eclectic conversation that is sure to stimulate and amuse.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Janet’s love of life expresses itself through her deliberate engagement of all the senses.  Such a colourful and delightful soul!


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Katrina is a whirlwind of activity, a regular presence and leader on the production scene here in Vancouver and in the area of holistic health.  A force to be reckoned with, Katrina is on a mission to turn this world around through one deliberate action at a time.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Katrina’s boldness and belief in her ability to effect change are completely inspiring.  Katrina for Prime Minister!

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Kristina trained as a Social Worker and became a Certified Nutritionist, Specialized Kinesiologist and Energy Worker. Her personal experience and triumph over a serious, chronic illness prompted her to share her passion for well-being with others. In 2006 she left her business and followed a dream to be a flight attendant and move to the west coast. Kristina is now living in Victoria BC and following her passion of supporting others in living their dreams and realizing their own magnificence. She is the author of “Food and the Emotional Connection” and the newly released “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”.  We talk with Kristina to explore her experiences and what she’s all about!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

I love how Kristina’s personal experiences and time spent in Africa has contributed to her evolution as a person and what she gives back through her work and her books.


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It’s a new year, and Rebecca is embarking on a new branch to her offerings to Vancouver and beyond.  Lucca takes the time to delve into what this is, why Rebecca is doing it, what she hopes to create, and who it might impact.  Collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and abundance mentality are all coming together!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

I’ve been so heads-down in creation mode for the last month and a while that this was a wonderful breath of fresh air – to look up and express what I’m creating from a new perspective.  So exciting!

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The #1 relationship that impacts all others is the relationship that we have with ourselves. Lynn uses coaching, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting as powerful tools to guide the sculpting and shaping of the essential parts of ourselves into a united whole. There is a peaceful feeling allowing us to know when our mind, body and soul are connected. Lynn has worked as a professional sculptor for over 30 years. The essence of a person and a work of art speak a common language. There is a sense of harmony when a person is getting closer to describing their truth just as there is a harmony that guides a mallet and chisel as a sculpture comes to life.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

“The revealing parallels between Lynn’s sculpting and her work with souls are powerful and inspiring”

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Lucca and Rebecca take time to explore processes that they have found most helpful for wrapping up a year and preparing for the beginning of a new one.  Bringing their coaching, counselling and personal experiences to the fore, they discuss questions that have proven to be provocative and peace-making, and techniques that uncover the gems, release the negative, and welcome the positive.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

“Hearing what Lucca does to wrap up the end of the year and prepare for the new gave me new ideas to try!  No matter how well I think I’ve got my processes down, it is exciting to find new avenues to experiment with!”

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Steve joins us to talk about passive housing, clanship communities, co-housing, sunroof gardens, spirituality, family and so much more. This is following on from the conversation we had with his son, Shaun, earlier this month but with his own twist.  Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation has been in development for the past 17 years. Steve, Shaun and their team have tackled many challenging and exciting projects for the last three, the latest of which is to build one of the first certified passive houses in Vancouver.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

“Steve is passionately motivated by connection and purpose.  His mind is quick and his hands are ready, but more than that – his heart is open.”

Connect with Steven:

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Gerry Steckler is a financial advisor with a twist.  He says, “In my opinion, money contains energy for people and not usually good energy. We usually develop our habits around money in our childhood and they are often based on our parents’ habits. Good or bad, these are deeply engrained. There are many jokes out there regarding money and our fears around it but, sadly, it is not all that funny. The Financial Healer tag came about from several of my clients who experienced huge relief when they realized that during our work, an enormous burden had been lifted from their shoulders.”

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

“Gerry makes talking about financial ‘underwear’ safe and supported; his approach is unusual and refreshing!”

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Sean is currently developing a sustainable housing company and plans to manufacture E-HABS, the most energy-efficient, healthy, affordable, beautiful & sustainable homes to meet tomorrow’s standards. Footprint Sustainable Housing Corporation has been in development for the past 17 years. His dad and their team have tackled many challenging and exciting projects for the last three, the latest of which is to build one of the first certified passive houses in Vancouver. We welcome his entrepreneurial spirit to the show.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Shaun’s clarity of purpose and passion for his work is fantastic.  Such great energy – imagine living in a home designed and built by his team – it would be infused with such uplifting goodness!  …and boy, does this guy know his stuff.

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Shaun’s hallmark is that he’s walking his talk, trying to make his world sustainable and collaborative/co-operative while meeting people’s needs for affordable, practical housing that is designed to endure.

Connect with Shaun:

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