Inspired and motivated to find a solution for her baby Esme’s auto – immune condition, a business was born. From what started in her kitchen is now a thriving local business where Patrice has created a solution that has provided relief for countless children and parents no doubt! An inspiring story for all mom’s and entrepreneur’s to hear, don’t miss it.

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Lori is thoroughly artistically credentialed, practiced and currently also curating local, contemporary art for Western Canada at ArtBomb. She has to be creative, curious, outgoing, and collaborative in order to find the talent for us to share and buy on-line from coast to coast. We’ll be chatting about who she is and her creative impulse.

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Daisy’s designing days began in the early 2000’s, when she was backpacking and trekking across Canada, which lead into a full winter collection. Motivated by her youngest daughter’s diagnosis of severe non verbal autism in 2012, she created a line that would help her daughter and other kids with autism. Her designs are now helping families with autistic children all over! 

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Anne followed her dreams to make a move out west to Vancouver in the summer of 2014. She teamed up with her best friend of 20 years to become the new owners of the iconic sex positive store Womyn’s Ware in Vancouver. Both Anne and Lesley are also sex educators, offering an environment that provides creative solutions and support where there tends to be a lot of shame and misinformation.
So true, can’t wait to hear what these brilliant women have to say on the subject, how about you?

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Baljit Rayat is the founder of Lotus Destiny™ and Creator of the Lotus Destiny Star Activation™ system, an Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher who powerfully connects you to your Soul’s Purpose so you can bring your gifts and talents into reality. Baljit has been doing Akashic Records readings since 2006 and has served thousands by connecting them to their authentic power, and living their truth.

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Portia Sam breathes ‘social justice’ and ‘social enterprise’. Not content to merely support it, she is doing something about it . She founded Women Working with Women in 2009, with a mission to train women for the job market within social justice setting. She created and runs the social enterprise, Miscellany Finds, which gets it’s funding from the sale of donated clothing and household items. Join us to hear Portia’s story and be prepared to be inspired by her heart!

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Kobi Yamada is the author of the kids’/humans’ book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” He has LOTS of ideas and takes action on them, as is evidenced by the string of awards he and his publishing and gift company, Compendium, have received. Outside of business he is a busy philanthropist and has fun with his family. They live in Seattle, Washington.

Join Lucca and Rebecca as they explore Kobi’s influences and inspirations, past and present!

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Creating and maintaining a business is not always easy. We need someone by our side that will help us make the right decisions; provide clear, trusted and solid guidance; someone who will support us in order to promote our personal and professional growth.

Hagit’s passion is to educate business owners on what their numbers mean; develop strategies that would help their business grow and profit, keep them on track and support them all the way through until their vision becomes a reality!

Working with Hagit is always an inspiring, creative and fun adventure that would provide you with most needed PEACE of MIND! – and actually, that’s exactly how Lucca and Rebecca feel while having Hagit in the studio. Listen in to this shiny happy star of financial wisdom!