There’s a concept that comes up in almost every conversation about deep things that Lucca and Rebecca have – and that’s boundaries. Today they focus directly on exploring boundaries – their ins and outs, their whys and wherefores. They are intangible and sometimes inscrutable – but pulling back the layers can help us all to apply them more effectively and health-fully in our lives.

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Sara is the owner and founder of the most badass period proof panty company – REVOL GIRL! Her life’s purpose and pursuit are to provide and create EMPOWERING period proof underwear for everyone that menstruates. Gone are the days of staining your favourite jeans or nice sheets, Revol Girl always has you protected! On top of providing premium functional leak proof underwear (all handmade locally), Revol Girl (and Sara, to be specific!) is here to disrupt an archaic industry and create a community of support for all menstruators!

Sara chats with Lucca and Rebecca about the source of her passion, and the roots of her entrepreneurism!

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Sharon Selby has been counselling children and teens for over twenty years, and she specializes in the treatment of anxiety.   She combines a warm, and creative approach with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help children and teens regain their power from the worries and/or anxiety.  She is the author of the children’s book: Surfing the Worry Imp’s Wave ~ Empowering Children ages 5-10yrs. to understand and overpower anxiety.  She has written over 250 articles on her popular blog and is an active public speaker who has been featured on Breakfast Television, TEDx, St. John Ambulance, and many podcasts and magazines.  Her goal is to allow more joy and less stress and angst into the lives of all the children and teens she has the pleasure of supporting on their journey.

Lucca and Rebecca chat with Sharon to learn how her focus on childhood anxiety came to be, and discuss her approach to alleviating this epidemic issue amongst our youth!

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Jesse is the Public Affairs & Talk Coordinator at CJSF 90.1FM, where he helps others raise their voices and share their stories to the communities around them. He loves to train and help volunteers realize their creative vision, while building the station community through supporting and communicative relationships. Jesse is the co-host of Speak Up! and the Vancouver Mixtape, where he highlights local issues, ideas and art.

Lucca and Rebecca go exploring around what brought Jesse into radio, why he stays, and what he’s creating here. It’s always a treat for us to interview a fellow colleague from our station!

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Lorie Corcuera is the Co-Founder and CEO at SPARK Creations & Company Inc., a training and development organization that inspires people and companies to create meaningful cultures and workplaces. Over the past 20 years, Lorie has cultivated her people and culture development, community relations, and leadership coaching experience as both a strategic and progressive senior human resources leader in the technology, interactive entertainment, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, professional services, and non-profit space. Lorie is passionate about elevating the life experience at work and cultivating a community that is igniting and enriching our human spirit. Through their SPARK Essentials Women’s 2.5 Weekend Retreats and other various program, SPARK has supported over 2,500 women in our community. Lorie is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an active mentor for Futurpreneur Canada, Dress for Success Vancouver, HR Tech Group, and Forum for Women Entrepreneurs, and Co-Founder of the social enterprise Enspire Foundation.

Lucca and Rebecca dig in with Lorie to discover what’s changing in the corporate world of self-development, how Lorie got into what she’s doing, and where she’s going next!

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Rina Liddle is an entrepreneur, educator and visual artist. She has taught a variety of social media, communication and critical theory courses at Emily Carr University, University Canada West and Brighton College since 2009. She has an MA in Photography and Urban Culture from Goldsmiths College, University of London, England and a BFA in General Visual Arts from Emily Carr University. Rina leads a team of 5 contractors and one employee at Liddleworks Indie Media and has helped over 60 clients obtain their business and organizational objectives through training and social media management. She has a passion for visual art and has shown her installation works – many of them utilizing digital and social media components – worldwide, most notably receiving a grant for the work “We Are Watching”, a commission from the City of Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Her research interests include: participatory practice; identity politics; online performance, especially online gender performance. Rina believes in supporting local communities, eco and social justice and the slow food movement. She spends her free time eating with family and friends. Her hobbies include meditation, yoga, cycling, growing things and knitting.

Lucca and Rebecca have an enjoyable wander-about with Rina to learn how she came to be where she is today!

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Devon J Hall is a 35 year old writer living in British Columbia BC. She’s worked as an advocate in the past for those living below the poverty line, and now helps to tell the stories, (namely herself) of women escaping abusive relationships.

Instead of waiting until women become victims, Devon is helping to celebrate the lives of those who survive, now, through her blog LoudMouthBrownGirl.

Lucca and Rebecca take some time with this fellow colleague from CJSF to see what she is creating now.

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Kate Sutherland is founding faculty and executive coach with Simon Fraser University’s Certificate in Social Innovation, SFU’s new certificate on Evaluation for Social Impact and Transformational Learning, and THNK School of Creative Leadership. An author, Kate’s third book is We Can Do This! 10 Tools to Unleash Our Collective Genius.

Kate has 30+ years experience in organizational and community development and on issues as diverse as food systems, recovery from substance abuse, local currencies, and newcomer settlement. Increasingly her primary focus has become capacity building for leaders and change makers, sharing what has been most helpful in her own work, and especially inner work approaches based in intention, perception, intuition and consciousness.

In this capacity building work, Kate is encouraging people from all walks of life to step up and out as “Facilitators for the Shift”. This phrase is inspired by David Korten’s naming of The Great Turning: how we are in the midst of a huge shift from an industrial growth society to a life sustaining civilization. She recently made digital copies of her latest book available for free as part of work to unleash our collective intelligence, collective wisdom and collective capacity.

Lucca and Rebecca check in with Kate to unpack what the “Shift” is, and how Kate’s past rolls in to how she is engaging with the world today.

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