Amy Robichaud joined Dress for Success Vancouver as the Executive Director on April 1 2019. With a decade of experience, she has helped non-profit organizations advance their ideas, revenue and diversity goals through policy and practice. Amy has worked for and with charitable organizations in Toronto, Ottawa, Washington DC and Vancouver.

Amy owns a specialized Advancement Practice that uses a diversity and inclusion lens to guide organizations with their fund development strategy and operations, and communications including persuasion campaign planning and management. She is the former Director of Partnership & Engagement for Minerva BC, the cofounder of, a speaker on mental health, intergeneration leadership, implicit bias, women in politics, leadership and civic engagement. She’s a regular contributor to the CBC, and has also appeared on CPAC, and german broadcaster ZDF. She is an Advisor and board member for Speech and Debate Canada and a member of the Banff Forum.

Amy’s passion for practical ways to harness the diversity dividend, create economic inclusion, opportunity and prosperity for all, inform everything she does.

Lucca and Rebecca explore that special passion and purpose, taking an explore around Amy’s past and present to learn what makes this bright and shiny soul tick!

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Connie is really good at solving healthcare issues for families and making things happen. She’s quite fearless when going toe-to-toe with physicians or hospital management and the more intimidated ‘her families’ are, the more she seems to rise to the challenge. Our system is fragmented to the point of being shattered. She is able to help patients and families get the information they need in ways they can understand it and then get the best care possible.

Lucca and Rebecca take some time with Connie to understand what she is creating through Patient Pathways, what exactly is broken and why, and how she is at work to create some of the shifts needed.

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Stories can be a gateway to developing relationship, a method of passing on history and wisdom, and are SO much more than just pleasant entertainment. Lucca and Rebecca talk about the power of stories in their personal lives, in their work, and in the cultures they have experienced. How stories build community, how they create rapport, how they teach with ease and gentleness the mores of families, societies, and sustainable relation with the world around us. Listen in and let us know your thoughts and favourite stories!

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