Cherie is a social impact investor that has a passion to see Vancouver end homelessness. She started her business over three years ago and is now learning about developments. She owns three companies, has 4 teenage kids, one husband, and lives in a community house with 2 other families – located between a brothel and a chicken factory. As a woman of faith, she believes we can partner with each other to see positive change in our world.

We take time with Cherie to understand why she’s made the audacious choices she has, where she’s aiming, and what she’s learned along the way.

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Susan is an enthused by life creative. Her ‘Why’ is to “help people live lives of courage in harmony with their values.”

In 2013 Susan was diagnosed with PTSD and couldn’t return to her healthcare position. She looked at her bucket list and the item that said ‘quit work to write and paint full time’ stood out. Then she asked herself, If I could do anything I wanted for work and if I wasn’t afraid to fail, what would I do? The answer was to heal herself, surround herself with a community of artists and create art. Within a few months she founded 100 Braid St Studios, now the largest co-working art studio outside of Vancouver. The studio is a non-traditional gallery business model and serves as an incubator for artists in transition or for established artists who wish to reach major career goals. Susan is a contemporary landscape artist, her work is held in private collections all over the world and she was recipient of the the Bernie Legge 2017 Artist of the Year Platinum Award. Susan spends time with family, her Braid St community and as much time as she can in nature – she divides her time between the ocean shore, walking and hiking in favourite spots in the lower mainland and plein air painting.

Lucca and Rebecca go back into the twists and turns of Susan’s life and choices to see what guides and fuels her on her path.


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