Angela grew up the 7th of 11 children in Southern Indiana in the Worldwide Church of God, a doomsday apocalyptic church. After spending two years in Israel, she ultimately converted to Judaism. She wrote a memoir about my experience, “A River Could Be a Tree,” and hopes that her words serve as a bridge of understanding between cultures and religions.

Rebecca grew up in the same Christian cult as Angela, and this conversation is a delightful exploration through territory that is familiar yet different… listen in as Lucca and Rebecca find out what influenced Angela’s path and what she’s creating now!


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There’s a concept that comes up in almost every conversation about deep things that Lucca and Rebecca have – and that’s boundaries. Today they focus directly on exploring boundaries – their ins and outs, their whys and wherefores. They are intangible and sometimes inscrutable – but pulling back the layers can help us all to apply them more effectively and health-fully in our lives.

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