Sara is the owner and founder of the most badass period proof panty company – REVOL GIRL! Her life’s purpose and pursuit are to provide and create EMPOWERING period proof underwear for everyone that menstruates. Gone are the days of staining your favourite jeans or nice sheets, Revol Girl always has you protected! On top of providing premium functional leak proof underwear (all handmade locally), Revol Girl (and Sara, to be specific!) is here to disrupt an archaic industry and create a community of support for all menstruators!

Sara chats with Lucca and Rebecca about the source of her passion, and the roots of her entrepreneurism!

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Sharon Selby has been counselling children and teens for over twenty years, and she specializes in the treatment of anxiety.   She combines a warm, and creative approach with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help children and teens regain their power from the worries and/or anxiety.  She is the author of the children’s book: Surfing the Worry Imp’s Wave ~ Empowering Children ages 5-10yrs. to understand and overpower anxiety.  She has written over 250 articles on her popular blog and is an active public speaker who has been featured on Breakfast Television, TEDx, St. John Ambulance, and many podcasts and magazines.  Her goal is to allow more joy and less stress and angst into the lives of all the children and teens she has the pleasure of supporting on their journey.

Lucca and Rebecca chat with Sharon to learn how her focus on childhood anxiety came to be, and discuss her approach to alleviating this epidemic issue amongst our youth!

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Jesse is the Public Affairs & Talk Coordinator at CJSF 90.1FM, where he helps others raise their voices and share their stories to the communities around them. He loves to train and help volunteers realize their creative vision, while building the station community through supporting and communicative relationships. Jesse is the co-host of Speak Up! and the Vancouver Mixtape, where he highlights local issues, ideas and art.

Lucca and Rebecca go exploring around what brought Jesse into radio, why he stays, and what he’s creating here. It’s always a treat for us to interview a fellow colleague from our station!

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