Janelle is an artist in the ways that she finds solace, discovery and truth through writing, dance and painting. She works with the people that are interested in asking the big questions and are hungry to feel alive. She serves the seekers.

Her main offerings to the world are work that combines creativity, stories and embodiment work. She helps people challenge their stories about themselves, reconnect to their feelings and their physical bodies, and feel alive!

She offers an 8 week e-course called Personal Mythmaking, which is all about the above. She also offers 10-day online intensives on difficult emotions such as anger, and work one-on-one with people in person and online.

Her life theme in a few keywords: getting unstuck, unblocking creativity, learning to feel and really be in the body, connection.

Connect with Janelle here: www.janellehardy.com

Born in Italy, in a charming white and blue fishermen’s village, Mena Martini has been a fervid admirer of visual art since her late teens.

As a teacher, and still very young, she organized shows for artists and traveled in Europe visiting galleries and museums. An assignment as a language program coordinator with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took her to France for a few years and then to Canada, which became her home. Several trips throughout the world increased her awareness of international art.

In 2011 she was honoured to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale, as one of the three Italo-Canadian artists selected from Western Canada to have their works presented in the “Italy in the World” multimedia installation.

Her paintings, mostly abstract, evoke hints of boats, traces of landscapes, glimpses of shapes. Rarely satisfied, she always looks for balance and harmony.

She has exhibited several times over the years, in Canada, Italy, France and Switzerland, in solo or group exhibitions.

Vist her website at menamartini.com