Ours or Not Ours ?
Part of the human condition, and certainly that of interacting with one another, is the housekeeping of continually sorting for what is ‘ours’ and what is ‘not ours’ – ours to feel, cope with, carry, fight, keep or relinquish. This week Lucca and Rebecca discuss how this affects them as both practitioners and individuals and propose some perspectives that they find useful and you might too.

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Daisy’s designing days began in the early 2000’s, when she was backpacking and trekking across Canada, which lead into a full winter collection. Motivated by her youngest daughter’s diagnosis of severe non verbal autism in 2012, she created a line that would help her daughter and other kids with autism. Her designs are now helping families with autistic children all over! 

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Back in Chanel’s school years, she was bullied and berated for having a voice that sounded different compared to her female classmates. She is now using her voice to host the radio show DOPE HAUS on CJSF 90.1FM and plans to attend BCIT for Broadcast and Online Journalism later in the year.The theme of Chanel’s journey on this earth has been “don’t pray for luck, prepare for luck!

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Kelly is currently writing a book about a phenomenon she calls “The Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand” Spoiler Alert: She’s not a fan! Kelly feels this lifestyle brand is both a marketing narrative meant to move products and it’s bigger than that too. “It’s yet another oppressive ideology constraining women’s lives – and this time, it’s not being invented by the suits on Madison Avenue. Now it’s being deployed by the women entrepreneurs we most admire, trust and hire. And surely we deserve better and can do better than that.”

We love digging into a juicy topic, looking forward to today’s show!

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