Anna Louise Curran is a certified teacher and practitioner of Thetahealing®. After a career of 10 years, energy work became the basis of Anna’s own transformation and healing. Anna started her Thetahealing® journey in 2010 after experiencing stress which had started to impact her wellbeing. Using a Theta brainwave and working with the subconscious mind, Anna helps her clients and students to connect to the Creator of All That Is to change their lives and embrace their ability to co-create their dreams. Anna helps people to transform stuck energy, feelings and emotions blocking their ability to return to wellness and helps others to reconnect to their own infinite source of loving wisdom and back to All That Is”

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Jalen is certified as a professional Coactive Coach, a Trager Bodywork practitioner, and a yoga instructor. Using a body-centered approach to support his clients, he acts as a catalyst for people to realize their own power and bring their gifts to the world. He is committed to doing all he can to help create a heart – centered world where people are joyfully alive and powerfully creative. Now that’s the type of world we’d like to be a part of, how about you?

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You know that feeling of running into repeared dead-end streets? When it seems every door is locked or seems to close on you when you try to go through it? When life seems to be showing you all the options you perceive are not available, how do you find your way forward?
Lucca and Rebecca will explore possibilities (and the lack there of) on today’s show!

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A Vancouver roots country jazz influenced performer. His cover and original songs range from the rollicking uptempo country stomps to quiet jazz influenced songs. He is also a writer of short prose and plays. His most recent collection of short stories is Mrs. Ceperly’s Garden and other plots. “Dexter’s songs present an honest look at life lived, the complexities of relationship and the absurdities of the human condition.”

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