Growing up in Asia, Rosalyn C. RainDancer’s favourite thing to do as a child was to dance in the rain naked! She’s a playful optimist with a rebel-warrior spirit, a business geek and personal growth junkie, a change maker and activist at heart, a creative writer, a shameless foodie and an eco-friendly treehugger. Rosalyn’s vision is to create a world where dreams come true. Find out how she is making that happen and be prepared to be inspired!

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World Peace, Inner Peace, Cocktails and Yoga. Some might say Tara Leduc is an irreverant yoga teacher but she’s quite sure that being kinder to yourself creates inner peace; inner peace leads to world peace and sometimes inner peace comes in the form of margaritas and Prosecco. This lady is on a mission, join us to find out what keeps her inspired and motivated!

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Sharon DeLalla is the Executive Director of the Talitha Koum Society and has been with the society since 2014. Sharon believes that every woman should have the opportunity to live a safe and fulfilling life unencumbered by the decisions of their past. She joins us in this episode to share her passion about bringing healing, hope and opportunity to the women of Talitha Koum Society.

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