Erin Lee Kaufman is a Certified Somatic Synergist, which means she helps people connect with their bodies to make sense of their lives. She uses a unique blend of talk and gentle touch to help people nurture the mind-body connection, discover the wisdom that is stored in the body, and harness it to bring about meaningful change in their lives. Find our what makes Erin tick, her passions and her joy, as we dive into body, mind and spirit.

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Kobi Yamada is the author of the kids’/humans’ book “What Do You Do With an Idea?” He has LOTS of ideas and takes action on them, as is evidenced by the string of awards he and his publishing and gift company, Compendium, have received. Outside of business he is a busy philanthropist and has fun with his family. They live in Seattle, Washington.

Join Lucca and Rebecca as they explore Kobi’s influences and inspirations, past and present!

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Kaare Long has served Vancouver’s arts community and entrepreneurial sector since 2003, where she specializes in Public Relations, launching creative, innovative and ‘out of the box’ online campaigns, and building engaged and effective social media communities for small businesses.

Kaare’s driving force is her strong sense of community support for each and every project she undertakes. By connecting and networking people, Kaare, CEO at aCue Creative Consulting, and the team, strive for the highest level of collective teamwork within the Vancouver community.

Lucca and Rebecca explore what it is about Kaare’s past and experiences that brings her to say HI! to strangers!

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