Kemila Zsang offers hypnotherapy and counselling services that help clients access their inner wisdom and resources. Kemila uses hypnosis to interrupt patterns, learn from the depth within your own being, and empower you to be the best you are meant to be.

Lucca and Rebecca explore Kemila’s background, her work as an author and in private practice, and see where she’s going to explore next!

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Creating and maintaining a business is not always easy. We need someone by our side that will help us make the right decisions; provide clear, trusted and solid guidance; someone who will support us in order to promote our personal and professional growth.

Hagit’s passion is to educate business owners on what their numbers mean; develop strategies that would help their business grow and profit, keep them on track and support them all the way through until their vision becomes a reality!

Working with Hagit is always an inspiring, creative and fun adventure that would provide you with most needed PEACE of MIND! – and actually, that’s exactly how Lucca and Rebecca feel while having Hagit in the studio. Listen in to this shiny happy star of financial wisdom!