Karolina Francis wears many hats – she is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant,a journalist, a business owner, a teacher of immigration law, a speaker, a workshop facilitator, a mother and an avid motorcyclist.

Her true calling is helping people to belong in Canada. She immigrated to Canada 15 years ago, from the vibrant city of Warsaw, Poland, to join her Canadian husband.

Despite her high education, knowledge of several languages and extensive work experience as a television journalist, she spent many difficult years finding out how to belong in this new Canadian society.

Belonging is one of the most essential and profound needs of a human being. In her work, Karolina not only assist people with their immigration journey to Canada but also helps newcomers find their way in the new reality. Her programs focus on four core aspects of life – workplace culture, education, finance and leadership.

Her passion is to give people tools on how to integrate into the society so they can enjoy their lives fully in the new reality.

Lucca and Rebecca explore Karolina’s experiences to see how it was made her who she is today!

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Francisco grew up in Mexico City and in Winnipeg. He came out to the Wet Coast nearly a decade ago and has been involved in coffee ever since. During most of his time out here he’s been serving speciality coffees in the most diverse of settings; hospitals, independent shops, multinational chains, always making sure the customer received the most important product, attention. Most people would be surprised to know that Francisco has more than 15 years of experience as a highly regarded independent translator in the field of energy generation. As with most adults, coffee has been a permanent fixture in Francisco’s life. Instant, percolated, espresso, drip, all have been part of his coffee experience; even “combat coffee” (Army talk for 2 packs of instant coffee, 1 pack of sugar, 1 swig from the canteen, Yumm!). His favourite coffee drinks are double espresso, long, and a good flat white.  His current enterprise is called El Cafecito and embraces his passion for service, conversation, and human contact and respect for people and the planet. We speak with Francisco about his core values and how they are at work in his life today.


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Connor is first and foremost a Leader – he firmly believes that in order to achieve excellence in what you do, you must be effective at helping others achieve excellence in what they do. Connor is a classically trained musician who was fortunate enough to sing Opera all over the world. He has since worked with international leaders to help develop their presentation skills, presence and ability to influence and inspire the people around them.
He is the also the Founder of ManTalks which is a event and online resource for Men who are looking to be better husbands, fathers and leaders in the world. ManTalks does this by bringing in powerful speakers who share openly and vulnerably about their life’s journey and creates an exceptional community for men to thrive.
We speak with Connor about how his unusual life experiences have brought him to where he is today, and what he imagines might happen in the future!
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Philip Be’er is an educator and writer based in B.C. Canada who is known for his development of Behavioural Loop (B-Loop) Theory. He has been on a lifelong quest to understand the roots of family (and societal) dysfunction and to identify the most effective way to enable widespread healing. We speak with Philip about his background in engineering, his life in Israel, his journey, and how it has all combined to place him where he is today, facilitating healing and growth for many. Keep an eye out for his book, The Game Changer!

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