What magic can happen when someone fills in at the last minute! Haruko Okano is a Japanese Canadian, interdisciplinary artist whose specialty is creating community engaged works about the environment – and she agreed to join us on the show on a whim.

The focus of her practice is based in a commitment to providing social good, meaningful experiences for the community using art and to create opportunities that are accessible. Community includes the local to the global audiences and participants. Her installations use natural and/or recycled materials that are bio degradable, often incorporating time based or viewer activated elements. Her last major public project was called Oceanflotilla2011, where over 500 people worldwide participated. Then came Simbiosis Symbiosis 2012 an artists residency in Mexico. Her residency involved art students from the Universidad de Hidalgo and local bistros in Real del Monte and Pachuca. Meditation for the Planet 2015, is offered from her experience and understanding that healing the earth begins first with the vision, the thought – then verbalizing it in a positive way to inspire change, to make the commitment – then manifesting it through action.

We spend a thought-provoking hour with Haruko exploring her world. We welcome you to join us!

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From the age of six, Joe began following his father around his workshop in Masset, on Haida Gwaii, and was particularly effective at getting in the way. As a born business man, his accomplishments are many:  Red Seal certified carpenter, Gold seal trained project manager, founding member of Canada’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council, Design Advisory Panel Member for the City of North Vancouver, 4 years as a Construction Instructor. His passion for building intricate, eco-friendly homes combined with this natural business acumen has helped his company, Naikoon, become what it is today: one of the most experienced High Performance Building companies around.

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Cara Roth is a “soul-full” nutritionist, pastry chef and cell biology geek who is known for her ability to inspire, her sense of humour, her knowledge of nutrition, and her ability to “Make Healthy Easy,” quick, and delicious! We talk about the power of intention and love over the food we create, how the ability to eat like our parents and grandparents has long vanished – and what we can choose now.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

I want to go grow a tomato plant in my yard and speak words of love to it every day – then EAT IT and watch the magic enter my body! This is what talking with Cara has inspired me to do!

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Lucca and Rebecca discuss intuition and what working with it looks like. Lucca holds Intuition Incubators frequently, and this is exactly what they focus on: identifying what our own personal intuition looks, sounds, and feels like; and learning how it can serve us in our daily lives. In this episode we explore this topic far and wide.

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