James Taylor is (Ojibwe) Ojibway First Nations, originally from Curve Lake First Nations, and calls Victoria home. He works with School District 63 as a First Nation education assistant and First Nation resource. A traditional Ojibway knowledge and drum keeper, story teller and medicine person, James is passionate about bringing awareness to the problem of domestic violence. He is about to embark on a second walk across Canada to Ottawa to spark movement on this topic.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

James is the gentle storm that brings in much-needed change. His heart is strong and pure and he lays his life out for his people – which is all of us. His call is irresistable.

Connect with James:

His Go Fund Me account to support the walk – happening now!

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Danielle Knight is the owner of Ever Modern Home, an innovative online furniture company that sells small space furniture for condos, lofts and town homes. She calls herself a ‘modern diva’ (strong, confident, self-aware, in-tune) and an entrepreneur with a big heart. While grooving in meeting people’s needs and not just creating transactions, she loves to learn and build businesses through innovation and creativity. Prior to starting Ever Modern Home she worked in the tech, hospitality, environmental and distribution industries. She’s using all of the knowledge from her past plus the passion for creation to grow.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Danielle’s passion seems to be adaptable to a multitude of challenges. I admire how she chooses what she wants to conquer and throws everything she has learned so far at it, knowing she shall succeed!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward.

Connect with Danielle:

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Zenith Lillie-Eakett is an artist, information broker, photographer, film wardrobe goddess, bibliophile, craftress, solutionist, puppeteer, common sense maven, blanket enthusiast, 1930-50’s nostalgist, hat wizard and fiber sculptor. She is the creative force and production team behind Washboard Bill’s Wonder Emporium and she lives along the shores of Lake Superior.  Join us as we speak with the Queen of Light and Joy to uncover some of her secrets and inspirations!

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Sometimes those who love us see us the most accurately.  Zenith’s husband named her the Queen of Light and Joy, and it fits her sooooo welllll!

Contact Zenith:

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