Jenna Herbut is the co-founder of the Make It! Show which is a craft fair in Vancouver and Edmonton. She hosts a web series about artists and makers called MakeItTV, showcasing their dedication, talent, creativity and moxie. Jenna is passionate about helping people make a living doing what they love and has helped countless artists to bring their passion to the marketplace through her creation, Make It University, an online business program for creative entrepreneurs.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Jenna has a way of showing up to do what she wants, and making it happen.  I love the unapologetic energy she brings to her projects and how she grooves on facilitating the success of others!

Lucca’s Take-Away: 

‘Collaboration is the new competition.’ Jenna said that she practices ‘useful defiance’ and that she just had something inside her – she didn’t really pay attention to what was expected of her. It seems like it was a good thing!

Connect with Jenna:

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Tammra is the founder of Living Proof Life and has 20 years experience working in the holistic health field and 14 years in the entertainment industry. After experiencing debilitating anxiety that left her mostly afraid to leave the house she decided to seek out the bigger answers to life and was able to breakthrough this anxiety and manifest the life of her dreams. Tammra is trained extensively in holistic nutrition, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and counselling… she embraces the virtues of love, health, honesty, compassion, freedom and absolute joy necessary to enkindle the spark latent within each of us.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Tammra’s enthusiasm and inspiration is infectious!  Her vision expands and embraces, and it is going to be fascinating to see what happens next with her!

 Lucca’s Take-Away:

Wow! What a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm – and Tammra is on the road to discovering just where this might lead her..

Connect with Tammra:

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Allan Knight is truly a unique coach, speaker and trainer. For over 25 years, he has helped others transform their lives, both professionally and personally. Years ago, Allan’s vision of the future predicted that more and more people would be operating their own businesses. He understood that many of these people would need to strengthen their communication and personal development skills to ensure their success. He gets things done and pushes for action to compliment theory and his personal and professional life is a continuous testament to this. Join us to find out more about Allan’s passion, including how nine years a monk formed the foundation for what would follow.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Discovering the guiding themes of Allan’s life and desired contributions to the world was fascinating.  Everything is tied together just beyond our sight!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Allan gives us a peek at the man behind his next book called ‘A Knight Without Armour’. We met with the love-filled man revealing his chivalrous self after years of self-discovery.

Connect with Allan:

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