Brian is the lead provocateur of JazzThink.  He has a rich and varied background in leadership that generates exceptional teamwork through his personal mission which is to promote SMARTer conversations that generate flourishing communities.  He does this as a speaker, facilitator, author and coach.  In all these roles, he takes the wit, workings and wisdom of jazz and applies them to inspiring leadership and productive collaboration.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Brian is a teacher through and through, and the kind of teacher that you truly enjoy learning from.  His joy is contagious, his metaphors hold the key to change, and his acronyms are to DIE for!

Lucca’s Take-Away:

As the name of his business implies, Brian delights in improvisation in groups where he creates space for others to perform, improvise, hear themselves and find the patterns of ideas.

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Rebecca has been around the world, starting a school and raising her children in a foreign country at war, and has made a business out of unabashedly being herself and bucking what “normal” looks like.  Motivated to see positive change, and inspired by eureka moments both in herself and others, Rebecca is now setting her sights on the literary world.  Instead of interviewing an outside guest, in this episode, Lucca turns her sights on Rebecca to uncover more behind one of the hosts of ESSENCEtial Conversations.

Lucca’s Take-Away:

Rebecca used a delicious metaphor about living in SriLanka – she discovered that she didn’t know how to interact with chili/fire. It was ‘painful for a while’ and then she ‘found the flavours beyond the heat’. This translates into Catching Fire Coaching where she partners with her clients in the communal process of learning, seeing them as a gift.

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Cory is committed to raising global consciousness by transforming the way entrepreneurs relate to themselves, each other and their communities. Experience has taught her that true success for any business is based on the triple gems of collaboration, connection and contribution.  This revolutionary paradigm has given her an edge in helping entrepreneurs monetize their businesses, master marketing, attract tons of clients, create inspiring brands and launch killer products, all while benefiting their communities.

Rebecca’s Take-Away:

Cory’s questions always seem to turn my world sideways.  She makes me crave – and access – FUN!

 Connect with Cory:

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